The inpatient center of the International medical cluster was shortlisted for the World Architect Festival 2019
The project of the Hadassah therapeutic building was shortlisted for the international architecture festival World Architect Festival 2019. The designer is Moskapstroy, and the Israeli design Bureau Mochly Eldar Architects works on technologies and architecture. The new building will meet the requirements of the international standard JCI (Joint Commission International) in the field of patient safety and quality of health care.

This is not the first award for IMC: the diagnostic building was also shortlisted at the World Architect Festival 2018 and became the winner in the city's urban planning competition "Best construction project 2019" among health facilities in 2019.

The new four-story building (25,000 m2) will be connected by an atrium space to the current diagnostic building, which started to work on September 5, 2018. The therapeutic building will have radiotherapy and chemotherapy units, a radionuclide diagnostics center, surgery unit and a hospital.

The Central spacious atrium filled with natural light, will visually connect the building's floors and simplify movement of patients. Families, patients and staff can use this atrium as a waiting and recreation zone. Colors of the interior finishes are calm "natural", which help to create a comfortable atmosphere and maintain emotional stability of visitors.

"This is the second time the World Architect Festival experts have noted IMC buildings – our architectural and interior solutions create a healing environment which accelerates the recovery of patients. Designing and constructing buildings of the International medical cluster our team pays attention to all aspects: the functionality of the building, its appearance, technology, high level of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. We understand that it is important not only to cure the patient, but also to create the most comfortable environment for them", said Timur Andrbayev, Director of design, construction and operation of the IMC Foundation.

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