Italian clinic Villa Stuart accredited by FIFA is interested in participating in the International medical cluster project
One of the leading Italian clinics has shown interest in becoming a member of the International medical cluster. The negotiations were held in Italy between the IMC Foundation and the management of the clinic. Villa Stuart clinic is accredited by FIFA and FIMS which is a worldwide quality mark in sports medicine.
There can be treated not only acclaimed world and Russian football players, but also the general public: it provides services for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. Clinic staff pay special attention to the rapid recovery of athletes, for example, they reduced the rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament injury from 6-9 months to 4 months.

Within the framework of participation in the International medical cluster project, representatives of both parties discussed the possibility of building a sports medicine center with a full spectrum of services from diagnostics and surgery to rehabilitation. Everyone will be able to become a patient of the clinic: professional athletes and the public at large. In addition to providing medical services, the clinic, as well as all participants of the IMC project, will train Russian doctors and bring the best Italian technologies to Moscow medicine.
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