The First Moscow International Medical Cluster Participant Determined
The Project Participation Agreement between Israeli Hadassah Medical Center and International Medical Cluster Foundation was signed on September 14, 2017. Chief Executive Officer of the International Medical Cluster Foundation Mikhail Yugay and Chief Executive Officer of the Hadassah Medical Center Prof. Zeev Rotstein affixed their signatures to the document in the presence of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

Under the Agreement, the Israeli Hadassah Medical Center is given the status of the Moscow International Medical Cluster project participant. Therefore, Hadassah will become an operator of the Diagnostic and Outpatient Center and the Medical center with an inpatient block that are to become the first facilities within the Moscow International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The Diagnostic and Outpatient Center will able to welcome the first patients as early as in 2018. It will provide medical services of prevention, early detection and up-to-date diagnosis of diseases based on individual approach to each patient. There will be comprehensive health screening check-up programs.

The Medical center with an inpatient block that is due to be commissioned in 2020 will house a multifunctional center focused primarily on oncological diseases. Patients will be offered multi-stage treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive medical examination as required by the standards applied in the OECD countries.

Operating out of these facilities, the Hadassah Medical Center also plans to carry out research and educational programs (short-term and long-term physician training programs, conferences and lectures).

"Today is a significant event – we are signing the first contract to establish the first medical operator in the Moscow International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo. The first foreign clinic ‒ the famous Israeli clinic Hadassah that evolved from a public health station into a major multidisciplinary medical center during the 100 years of its history – is joining the project," said Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

In response, Prof. Zeev Rotstein thanked Mayor of Moscow and the entire team working on the project. According to him, it is a great honor for Hadassah to become the first operator in the project. CEO of the Israeli medical center pointed out that "the name of Hadassah is associated with training of doctors, research and development. However, cooperation with clinics all over the world is very important for Hadassah to provide medical care of the highest quality."

He added that cooperation between experts is the purpose of establishing the Moscow International Medical Cluster. "We plan to bring knowledge and technologies to Russia and expect that it also will occur in the reverse direction. We would like to learn from Russian medicine. Because eventually medicine is a cooperation of various players aimed to achieve the best results," said Prof. Rotstein.

Background Information

The Hadassah Medical Center is the leading Israeli healthcare institution which is over 100 years old. It comprises two clinical hospitals (Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem and Hadassah University Hospital-Mt. Scopus (Har Ha Tzofim)) which are largely setting the standards for the contemporary healthcare system in Israel.

The major achievements in Israeli medicine are related mainly to the Hadassah Medical Center. For example, its clinical hospitals were the first ones in the country to perform successful heart transplants, robotic surgery and the world's first computer-assisted endoprosthesis hip replacement surgery.

In the 21st century the Hadassah Medical Center became famous due to implementing the "medicine of tomorrow" projects and successfully combining personalized treatment with advanced solutions.

The Hadassah Medical Center is the base of the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem. Together with the Hebrew University, Hadassah gives students an opportunity to receive education and specialize in various branches of medicine at the Medical School, as well as undergo training at the schools of nursing, dentistry, healthcare and occupational therapy. This cooperation is useful for many areas of medical research.

Today the clinical departments of the Hadassah Medical Center employ about 800 doctors and 2,200 nurses. Every year the Hadassah Medical Center provides medical services to more than 1 million people.

The Moscow International Medical Cluster is a major medical infrastructure project in Russia focusing on developing the national health ecosystem. It was established and is supervised by the Moscow Government. The cluster is being built on a 57-ha leased land tract on the grounds of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

In 2017, the International Medical Cluster Foundation launched an international road show to attract medical operators and investors. By 2029, the cluster expects to host 15 specialized clinics, educational and research centers, infrastructure facilities for patients and medical professionals.

The cluster's operations regulated by Federal Law No. 160-FZ "On the International Medical Cluster" that enables clinics from the developed countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to provide medical care within the cluster, to use medications and equipment as required by to the standards of their respective countries without obtaining additional permits in the Russian Federation.

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