Marat Khusnullin presents the concept of the South Korean hospital of the future in the Moscow International Medical Cluster
Within the framework of Moscow Urban Forum 2017, the Moscow Government represented by Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development and Construction, together with Tashir Medica and the International Medical Cluster Foundation presented the project of the South Korean hospital of the future to be constructed on the territory of the cluster. According to the concept, the multifunctional medical center can become the first fully digital hospital of the international level in Russia. Tashir Medica's project investments will equal up to 15 billion rubles, the construction area will be up to 75 thousand sq. m.

Tashir Medica (a company of the Tashir group of companies) will build and equip the hospital, implementing the concept together with the international partner – Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Bundang Hospital is the largest multidisciplinary medical center in South Korea providing healthcare services and implementing scientific research and educational activities.

The concept of the hospital of the future for the Moscow International Medial Cluster envisages a multidisciplinary hospital providing comprehensive health care to patients, including diagnosis, therapy, surgery, radiology and other areas. It is planned to open specialized centres in the hospital, focusing on most demanded specialties: check-up, oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics and traumatology and rehabilitation.

According to Bundang Hospital's concept, the project capacity can reach up to 500 inpatient beds, which amounts to one third of the capacity of the parent company in Seoul. The tentative annual amounts of outpatient visits and hospitalizations are up to 150,000 and up to 50.000, respectively. According to the plans, both South Korean and Russian doctors will work in the hospital. Doctors from the Seoul hospital will head the key areas and transfer treatment knowledge, skills and technologies to Russian doctors. There will be Russian medical professionals among nurses, too. The concept envisages educational programs for Russian doctors and nurses who will be taking training in Russia and South Korea depending on the specialization and requirements to intensity of training in use of appropriate skills.

It is noteworthy that Bundang Hospital is the first fully digital hospital in South Korea operating on the basis of a proprietary healthcare information system BESTCare allowing doctors to use the EBM principles in their work and to provide patient care based on actual data.

At present, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Tashir Medica have signed a memorandum of understanding within the scope of which the proposed project of the hospital of the future is being developed for construction on the territory of the Moscow International Medical Cluster. Bundang Hospital and Tashir Medica can become another example of a successful tandem of a Russian investor and a major international medical center which have publicly expressed interest in construction of the clinic on the territory of the Moscow International Medical Cluster. Currently, Bundang Hospital and Tashir Medica with organizational support of the IMC Foundation are busy with preparation of documents for submission of the application for participation in the cluster in accordance with the Federal Law Оn the International Medical Cluster.

"The Moscow International Medical Cluster is a world-class project, and for Moscow it is a real breakthrough. We see investors' interest in development of this territory. In the context of development of Russian-Korean relations, inter alia, in healthcare, this project is of a particular interest and it marks a good beginning of relations in this sphere. The healthcare system of South Korea is one of the most efficient and advanced in the world. Therefore, such cooperation is strategically important for us in terms of integration of the best world's practices and improvement of the Russian healthcare system at large," commented Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development and Construction.

"The IMC Foundation is continuing the road show to attract leading international healthcare institutions into the project. We have got a pool of advanced clinics considering participation in the cluster. The optimum tandem for construction of a clinic is a foreign healthcare operator and a Russian investor which can serve as a reliable partner thanks to good understanding of the specifics of the Russian market. We hope that the project of Bundang Hospital and Tashir Medica can become such a successful tandem," commented Mikhail Yugay, CEO of IMC Foundation.

"Based on detailed study of the Russian medical market and analysis of the trends in the global medical market, we forecast sustainable growth of demand for high quality, hi-tech innovative medical services in Russia. Considering the global trend towards development of personified and preventive healthcare, penetration of state-of-the-art big data technologies and artificial intelligence into medicine, we see a vast potential for growth of the private and public segments of next-generation medical services. We will be happy to participate in a project of this scale in collaboration with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, a leading world-level medical institution. We are confident that construction of the hospital of the future will give a strong impetus to development of the national medical standards and improve the healthcare quality for Russian citizens in general," said Arsen Galstyan, Managing Partner at Tashir Medica.

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