AFK Sistema and the International medical cluster Foundation are to build a biotechnological R&D laboratory in Skolkovo
In 2022, a multi-profile biotechnological R&D laboratory "Sistema BioTech" and a center for preclinical studying of international developments and technologies will appear on the territory of the International medical cluster. The investment agreement was signed by AFK Sistema PAO and the International medical cluster Foundation.

The IMC Foundation will provide building design and construction on an area of 15 000 square meters, which will be leased for 20 years to Sistema's subsidiary company with the possibility of extension.

The activities of one of the largest private biotechnology R&D laboratories in Russia will cover five fields: genetic research, production of diagnostic kits, biomedical cellular products, Biobank and biopharmaceutical production. The project is developing in close cooperation with other medical and pharmaceutical Sistema's assets.

Sistema expects that the R&D laboratory will become Russian biotechnological developments leader in personalized medical care in oncology, cardiology, reproduction, psychiatry and other severe acquired and congenital diseases. Moreover, the laboratory will concentrate on the integration of modern cell and gene technologies into clinical practice.

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