Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel considers joining the Moscow International Medical Cluster
Photo: MEDES
Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel, the only highly specialized medical centre for children in Israel and the Middle East, considers participation in the Moscow International Medical Cluster. In the process of negotiations with the IMC Foundation the delegation Schneider Medical Center visited the cluster territory in IC Skolkovo, one of the leading centers of pediatrics in Russia Y. Veltishchev Research Clinical Institute of Paediatrics and met with Moscow Government representatives. During the meeting the idea of creating a multi-profile children's hospital on the territory of the Moscow International Medical Cluster was discussed.

Schneider Children's Medical Center was founded in 1991. The Center deals with the whole range of diseases and pathologies in pediatrics. Schneider provides a multidisciplinary approach to treating little patients in such areas as oncohaematology, cardiology, endocrinology and children's diabetics, as well as those in need of organ and bone marrow transplants. It applies innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment. The Center was among the first to perform a number of high-tech manipulations, among which there were video capsule endoscopy for children under 2 years old, local anaesthesia for patients with metastatic stenosis, defibrillator implantation. The Center provides medical care to more than 270.000 patients annually.

Schneider Children's Medical Center is a major research center, conducting its own paediatric research in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and improving medical technologies on an ongoing basis. The centre employs two recipients of the Israel Prize for Medical Research, and 15% of its employees are professors. The Center conducts programs for professional development and residency, as well as internships for doctors and nurses, the center also offers scholarships for foreign specialists. Doctors of Schneider Children's Medical Center constantly share their experience with leading pediatrics centers in the USA and Europe.

'Pediatrics is one of the key areas in medicine. Health of the future generation is extremely important for every country and every person. I am sure that future cooperation with Schneider Children's Medical Center will provide little patients with the opportunity to get medical care in accordance with the best global practices and it will become one more improtant step towards the development of Moscow agglomeration healthcare', – noted CEO of the International Medical Cluster Foundation Mikhail Yugay.

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