Sanlas Holding GmbH is planning to open a rehabilitation centre in the Moscow International Medical Cluster
The International Medical Cluster Foundation (the IMC Foundation) and Austrian medical company SANLAS HOLDING GmbH have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop activities related to providing medical care, improve its quality, develop educational activities and conduct scientific research in the field of healthcare. As part of an official visit of the IMC Foundation delegation to SANLAS Holding GmbH, the document was signed by CEO of the IMC Foundation Mikhail Yugay and OMR Primarius Dr. Günter Nebel, Director of SANLAS Holding GmbH.

The Memorandum signed envisages a search for investors and partners by the parties in the medical, educational and scientific areas, implementation of the best practices of OECD countries in providing medical care and the development of international cooperation.

Under the Memorandum, Sanlas Holding GmbH is planning to open a rehabilitation centre on the territory of the Moscow International Medical Cluster, analyse the market for medical services planned to be provided by the Cluster as well as present a business plan and financial calculations for the prospective medical project.

The IMC Foundation intends to assist Sanlas Holding GmbH in the preparation of the business plan, act as a link between the clinic and potential investors and facilitate the promotion of the rehabilitation centre in the Moscow International Medical Cluster.

Sanlas Holding GmbH is currently one of the leaders in the field of medicine, healthcare, general and specialised patient care in Austria. The clinic's high reputation is based on its full focus on the patient, a renowned quality of service, rehabilitation care as well as a clearly structured management style. The holding comprises 4 rehabilitation centres, 5 patient care centres and 1 general surgery clinic. All the institutions are fitted with modern medical rehabilitation equipment, in particular, with Amadeo devices (finger-hand rehabilitation), Diego devices (arm-shoulder rehabilitation) and Pablo devices (joints and upper limb rehabilitation). The annual patient flow is over 8,000 people.

Sanlas Holding GmbH is actively engaged in cooperating with leading European medical universities (Graz (LKH Universität Graz), the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna, the Public Relations Department (PR-Büro) at the University of Salzburg, the Medical Assistant University Program in Hungary). Every year more than 60 students undergo practical training at the holding's institutions.

"The Memorandum signed is in line with our efforts to develop advanced and future oriented medical technologies as well as to implement the best practices of providing medical care and improving its quality. I am certain that the cooperation with SANLAS Holding GmbH will become an important step in the development of one of the key areas of the cluster's activities, which is multi-profile rehabilitation," commented CEO of the IMC Foundation Mikhail Yugay.

The management of SANLAS Holding GmbH will pay a return visit to the IMC Foundation.

Background Information:

Sanlas Holding GmbH is the company providing the most advanced services in the field of medicine, public health, general and special care. The bases of our development are needs, requirements of our patients and the highest quality of services provided by us. Therefore quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced in 2005, and company was certified on IQ Net-Management System. Large number of awards reflects the quality provided when individual institutions have been marked and the entire holding in general.

The Moscow International Medical Cluster is a major medical infrastructure project in Russia focusing on developing the national health ecosystem. It was established and is supervised by the Moscow Government. The cluster is being built on a 57-ha leased land tract on the grounds of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

In 2017, the International Medical Cluster Foundation launched an international road show to attract medical operators and investors. By 2029, the cluster expects to host 15 specialized clinics, educational and research centers, infrastructure facilities for patients and medical professionals.

The cluster's operations regulated by Federal Law No. 160-FZ "On the International Medical Cluster" that enables clinics from the developed countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to provide medical care within the cluster, to use medications and equipment as required by to the standards of their respective countries without obtaining additional permits in the Russian Federation.

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