President signed Federal Law On the International Medical Cluster
We are delighted to announce that the ORPEA Group is going to open a high-tech rehabilitation centre in Skolkovo in three years' time. It is planned that the facility will cover an area of 25,000 square meters and will consist of a hospital building capable of housing 200 beds for inpatient services and a polyclinic with the capacity to offer services for up to 50 outpatients. It is expected that the clinic will be operational from 2022 and will be able to facilitate about 3500 patients per year.

In addition to its core services ORPEA also plans to conduct scientific activities (research and studies in rehabilitation) and educational activities (training, qualification improvement programs for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical technicians).

"Medical rehabilitation is one of the priorities in the field of healthcare. The development of this direction allows us to accelerate the recovery of many patients after acute episodes and chronic disease, along with an improvement in their quality of life and a reduction in the period of rehabilitation after sports injuries. Since Russia is presently lacking in competences in this area, it is important for us to find a partner who is a recognized expert with accumulated experience in this field. ORPEA is a world leader in long-term care (nursing homes, post-acute and rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and home care services) with more than 30 years of experience, and it will perfectly complement the clinics that already form part of the medical cluster. By creating a rehabilitation center in Russia, ORPEA will bring unique standards and offer excellent educational opportunities to Russian specialists operating in their clinics in Europe and the International medical cluster" - commented Mikhail Yugay, CEO of the International medical cluster Fund.

"The number of elderly patients and people suffering from after effects of diseases and injuries is rising and it requires the active development of medical rehabilitation. Today the ORPEA Group is represented in more than 16 countries and in each of these countries the group highlights clearly what quality medical rehabilitation should be: the service begins at the patients hospital bed and continues until the patient returns to normal life. On the territory of the cluster, the organization will also transfer these key principles of work. By creating the first rehabilitation center in Skolkovo, the ORPEA Group will lay the first stone of our development in Russia. We will convey the medical procedures, reflecting our 30 years of experience, ensuring the quality of care and training of the Russian specialists," said Emmanuel Masson, the CEO of Clinea, Orpea Group.

ORPEA Group is a world leader, specialising in long-term care (nursing homes, post-acute and rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and home care services). Founded in 1989, ORPEA has developed a high quality network of 951 facilities across 3 continents (Europe, Latin America and Asia) and 16 countries. The groups facilities offer 96,677 beds across its network of healthcare facilities and employs 60,000 employees providing care and services to 300,000 patients and residents across the world.

CLINEA is a 100% subsidiary of ORPEA, dedicated to post-acute, rehabilitation and mental health facilities. The CLINEA philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care and services to its patients through technical and innovative know-how in modern buildings which are located in prime locations.

ORPEA is working closely with the leading medical schools and universities enabling new scientific developments and encouraging knowledge transfer. The goal of the ORPEA project is to create a network of rehabilitation centres in Russia with a flagship centre located in the IMC. It is also planned to create a gerontological centre offering high standards of medical care, inpatient facilities and the cure of illness.

Construction aspects of the ORPEA centre

The architectural concept of the clinic conforms with the international standards of eco-sustainable design and advanced construction technologies.

Special attention is paid to the cosmetic appearance of the building. During the creation of the clinic concept, the architects of the ORPEA project moved away from the previous structures of medical buildings, characterized by their heaviness and lack of natural light. The IMC will focus attention to patient comfort in the design and construction of buildings, giving high importance to patient orientation as outlined in the principles of 4P-medicine. Thus, the cluster creates a so-called "healing environment" that supports the recovery of patients. The appearance of the planned rehabilitation centre also implies that it is important not only to cure the patient, but also to create the most comfortable environment for him or her to and to aid their recovery. The appearance of the building excites and the logistics of the building allows quick and comfortable completion of all the necessary procedures and furniture that adapts to the individual needs of the patient.