New educational opportunities for nurses
The Moscow International Medical Cluster (MIMC) is scheduled to open in Skolkovo in the first quarter of 2018. We discuss the opportunities offered by the new project to nurses with Bianca Gommers, Deputy Director for Educational Programs of International Medical Cluster Foundation.

Bianca, the Head Nurse Journal is the first Russian healthcare publication you have agreed to talk to. Why us?

MIMC is keen to reach practicing nurses and their supervisors throughout Russia, and your journal is the leading professional publication for nurses in terms of coverage.

Postgraduate nursing education is a priority area of MIMC operations. I have also worked as manager and healthcare consultant in major Dutch clinics and developed a variety of projects for directors of medical institutions. Part of my work and projects were focused on the assessment and improvement of nursing and on standardizing nursing procedures.

What kind of information does MIMC plan to provide to nurses?

We are integrating the best world-class technologies and practices into the Russian healthcare system. We develop educational programs for nurses in various therapeutical area's. Besides we develop education which competences such as, nursing diagnostics,, interventions and manipulations, communication and reporting.

While making any educational programs, we believe it essential to introduce nursing standards, already implemented in foreign clinics, into Russian practice. For example, UK researchers have developed an early warning system to prevent critical conditions (see the Appendix), which has been adopted by other countries. The system assists nurses in assessing a patient's condition on the basis of five vital parameters. We present these kind of nursing standards on conferences and through mail outs.

European standards can differ from Russian ones. How do you plan to adapt foreign experience to Russian practice?

We have studied the operations of several Russian medical organizations and compared it to the European practice. The difference in standards is really noticeable. It is possible though to learn from and use these international practices. Sometimes by translating and implementing these, as in case of MEWS. Sometimes by learning from the practices and processes, for example regarding specializing and learning new knowledge and technique. In the hospital where I used to work, there were more than 10,000 medical professionals working, including a group of 4 nurses specialized in the treatment of stoma (in addition to their normal duties). Those nurses studied all new techniques in this area on an continuous basis and had to report their findings at regular nurse meetings and teach nurses at departments. Why not also implement this example here? We plan to identify knowledge areas where education in Russia is currently lacking and develop relevant special educational programs.

To ensure that our programs meet the requirements of the Russian system of education, we have been cooperating with the leading Russian medical schools, such as the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. We also invite other medical schools and healthcare practitioners to cooperate with us. MIMC would like to become a national discussion platform for sharing both foreign and Russian medical experience.

How will the nursing education be organized at MIMC?

We plan to build an educational center for theoretical studies, while a simulation center and clinics will be used for practical training. The structure of MIMC will include foreign clinics operating on the basis of their own standards. These clinics can use our educational programs and centers for training of their medical staff. Medical professionals from international clinics operating within the MIMC will provide master classes and participate on conferences for nurses.In other words, whereas previously you'd have to go abroad to study and experience international knowledge and practice, now you will have an opportunity to participate in these programs in Russia. MIMC also plans to offer an opportunity for government-funded studies under certain educational programs, which meet Russian standards.

Educational programs for nurses and other medical professionals will be launched once the first MIMC building is open.

Will MIMC become a part of our system of continuous medical education?

We plan to be included into the system of continuous medical education, so that our students will be able to apply for student loans. We have been developing educational programs in cooperation with the leading Russian medical schools and other educational organizations, which will issue educational certificates in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Can any head nurse initiate the training of her staff at MIMC?

We are very interested in head nurses who initiate the training of their staff at MIMC. There are no restrictions whatsoever: we welcome every head nurse/nurse who is interested in international knowledge and standards.

Prepared by O. Palkova and K. Zorina

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