Israel's CLALIT Health Services is to Share the Knowledge and Experience on the Platform of the International Medical Cluster of Moscow (Skolkovo territory)
Israel's CLALIT Health Services and the International Medical Cluster Foundation (IMC Foundation) has signed the Letter of Intent at SPIEF 2018.

On part of the CLALIT the LOI was signed by Dr. Eyran Halpern – CEO of CLALIT – Rabin Medical Center, the CLALIT's flagship hospital and by Jacky Ovadia – Director of International Medicine and Head of CLALIT Academy Development Team, on part of IMC – Michael Yugay, CEO of the IMC Foundation. The ceremony was honoured their presence the Minister of Strategic Affairs Zeev Elkin, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Simantov and Israeli Ambassador Mr. Gary Koren.

Under this LOI CLALIT will carry out educational programs on the platform of the International Medical Cluster devoted to the important healthcare topics in nursing, healthcare management as well as Simulation Centre programs. The programs will be conducted under the CLALIT Academy brand. Moreover, CLALIT and IMC Foundation will consider the possibility of opening the pediatrics hospital under the CLALIT's Schneider brand. The main specialization of the hospital will be paediatric oncology.

'This LOI comes as an important step towards reaching our key goal as we bring the leading medical organisations to Russia and facilitate the transfer of technologies and best practices. IMC is a unique healthcare project making a significant contribution to the quality and efficiency of healthcare in Russia. Our mission is to ensure that the best international practices are transfer to and implemented in Russia's healthcare sector. It is medicine that drives the next wave of technology, and we will see disruptive technologies emerge at the intersection of biomedicine, information technology, cognitive technology, physics, engineering and materials science. This is how developing a medical cluster and bringing in the leading clinics and experts from all over the world can create a new growth point for the national economy and drive quality of life across the country,' said Michael Yugay, CEO of the IMC Foundation.

'The IMC – Health Cluster is the lighthouse of knowledge for the residents of the Federation and CLALIT is happy to share this knowledge that can illuminate medical services in collaboration with the world medical teams', – said: Jacky Ovadia, Director International Medicine & CLALIT Academy.

The cluster will host 10-15 foreign medical organisations that are recognised leaders in different fields of medicine offering qualified medical service to about 300,000 people on an annual basis and using the latest advances in medicine. Russian doctors will be able to learn from their foreign peers not only about how to apply new medical technologies, but also how to manage medical and non-medical processes in an up-to-date medical organization and offer the services that will bring safety and comfort to their patients.

The Government of Moscow has founded and supported the International Medical Cluster. It has financed the construction of its first pilot unit, a Diagnostic Centre. In late April it was visited by Moscow's Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who said, 'It is a critical project for Moscow. It is not just about having a world-class commercial clinic here. Most importantly, it will serve as the training ground for doctors from city hospitals and polyclinics, and the sophisticated technologies used at Skolkovo will gradually become part of the daily healthcare practices across Moscow.'

The unit, which will open its doors to patients in August 2018, is now hosting international research and education events, offering guided tours and meetings with investors and potential participants in the medical cluster.

CLALIT is the oldest public healthcare organization in the world since 1911. CLALIT Health Services is Israel's largest integrated provider-payer health system. 53% of Israeli population choose CLALIT as their healthcare provider. Its Research Institute (est. 2010), an official partner of World Health Organization, sees its primary mission turning data into decision-making insights that can be translated into policies for transforming healthcare delivery and clinical practice. With its Big Data pool established as early as in 1980, CLALIT has gathered incredible medical knowledge and experience. To this effect, CLALIT Academy was established to share and spread this knowledge among global partners (including WHO). CLALIT Academy is a one-stop center to all medical services for corporate healthcare providers. It combines research, training, and practical implementation based on years of professional experience in a global healthcare scene. Its flagship advanced Telemedicine platform is one of its kind offering professional customized consulting and training to international specialists and teams. can be provided online via smartphones. Not less important, CLALIT employs numerous Russian-speaking professionals of a highest rank, and Russian partners can enjoy these services in their own language.

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