Moscow International Medical Cluster and other business projects presented in Lyon and Marseilles
Source: Moscow Mayor official website

French business people learned about Moscow's plans for socioeconomic development and investment in industry and transport. A Russian delegation and members of the French business community discussed the development of partnerships in manufacturing, healthcare, innovation, sport and tourism during an economic conference titled Moscow: City for Business and Innovation.

The forum was held on 16 and 17 May in Lyons and Marseilles. It was attended by over 200 delegates from French government organisations and companies. The Moscow delegation was led by Sergei Cheryomin, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations.

Topics included Moscow's plans for socioeconomic development and large investment projects in transport, industry and urban planning.

The Moscow delegation also visited the Lyon facilities of Boiron, a leading European manufacturer of homeopathic products. Following talks, the parties reached a framework agreement on expanding the range of the company's products marketed in Russia. During a visit to the Bio District de Gerland, a district of biological research companies, the Moscow delegation learned about a new biological cluster, Lyonbiopole. The French hosts told their Moscow guests about the latest research into the treatment of viral and infectious diseases, microbiology and pharmaceutics.

In Marseilles, the Moscow delegation visited a cutting-edge cancer centre. Delegates from the Moscow Healthcare Department and the Moscow-based International Medical Cluster Foundation have agreed with their French partners on experience sharing and joint onsite training of medical specialists, as well as on the participation of Marseilles doctors in the work of medical centres that will open at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.
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