IMC Foundation expands its business network in the German healthcare ecosystem
IMC Foundation team visits Munich within the road show as part of the Moscow delegation and joins the Days of Moscow Economy in Bavaria.

A conference «Moscow – the city of investment opportunities. The development of international business in Moscow in modern conditions» was held on 4 October 2017 within the Days of Moscow Economy in Bavaria. The aim of the conference was to showcase Moscow's investment strategy, opportunities for localization of foreign production, plans and actions of the Moscow Government to improve business climate and quality of life, high-potential investment projects.

The conference was followed by the International Medical Cluster Foundation (IMC Foundation) round table on cooperation opportunities in healthcare for the Ministry of Health of Bavaria and potential participants and partners of the Moscow International Medical Cluster, including clinics and the famous Bavarian cluster Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN). IMC Foundation also visited a top-class urology hospital Munich-Planegg where treatment processes are based on patient-centred approach.

The Bavarian Medical Valley cluster has been established and funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The regional ecosystem players, including business, academia, healthcare and politics, have joined forces at Medical Valley EMN to create synergy and improve healthcare across their region. Technologies and competences delivered through synergy help develop and launch efficient solutions adapted to global needs.

Medical Valley EMN brings together over 500 companies in the medical technologies sector; 65 hospitals treating approximately 850,000 patients each year; 20 non-university research institutes and 80 institutes and universities developing innovative medical technology solutions. Since 2010 Medical Valley EMN has been the leading cluster for medical technology in Germany.

Medical Valley EMN players are primarily focussed on:

  • Innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
  • Technology solutions to help outpatients, including the elderly, live independent lives;
  • Solutions to improve health and prevent diseases;
  • Developing approaches to ensure financial stability of healthcare systems;
  • Developing a 4P medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory).
In the mid-term, the cluster aims to develop and bring to the market products, services and solutions that will deliver better results in prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. In the long term, Medical Valley EMN intends to optimize approaches within the healthcare system in general. In order to achieve this aim, all stakeholders (including politicians, providers of health insurance services, clinics and doctors) closely cooperate in terms of their professional activity as well as in healthcare economics work to improve the economics of healthcare to deliver the best possible healthcare system in a given region. The common goal for cluster members is to establish on the global stage a model of a region that has in place the best possible healthcare system.

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