The International Medical Cluster awarded with bronze label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative for compliance with the best cluster management practices
The International Medical Cluster received a bronze label based on the results of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA, Berlin) examination. ESCA brings together leading experts in cluster analysis from around the world. For benchmarking as an efficient and effective way to identify the potential of a cluster, ESCA uses a portfolio of more than 800 clusters from 40 European countries.

ESCA experts analyzed 36 indicators of International Medical Cluster performance, including the structure of the cluster, the cluster management, financing of the cluster organisation, services provided by the cluster organisation, communication within the cluster. Based on the analysis results, IMC was awarded with the bronze label. Passing the ESCA accreditation allows IMC to gain international visibility, which contributes to enhance cooperation with other clusters.

In addition to the results of the expert assessment of current activities, IMC will also receive recommendations from experts for its further development in accordance with ESCA requirements.

"Passing the ESCA accreditation was an important step for the development of the International Medical Cluster. Obtaining the certificate will give IMC access to cooperation with leading clusters from Europe. Self-assessment based on ESCA criteria, and the interview conducted by an impartial ESCA expert, allowed us to determine our strengths and identify areas for improvement, understood what steps still need to be taken to improve the efficiency of our work and provided health workers and scientists with even more comfortable working conditions thanks to optimally structured processes of the whole cluster", said Michael Yugay, General Director of the IMC Foundation.