IHPM, a leader in employee health care programs globally, intends to enter the Russian market

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The Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) signed an agreement of intent on participating in the Moscow International Medical Cluster. The high-profile US-based global operator in the field of corporate health and workplace preventive care programs is planning to open the first R&D center for Russian companies on the premises of the cluster.

Since 1997, IHPM has been helping employers to decrease economic losses caused by the influence of employees' health problems on business performance. Having a network of field offices and affiliates in the USA, Latin America, China, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, IHPM is constantly strengthening the evidence base for the management of cost-effective employee health care practices and the improvement of associated performance indicators.

Among companies IHPM has collaborated with are Dow Chemical, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, Shell, BP, China National Petroleum, Nestlé, Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics, Navistar International, PPG Industries, Unilever, Pfizer Intel, CISCO, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, The Boeing Company, Novartis, Merck, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, IBM and Union Pacific Railroad – in addition to public employers like the State of Washington and City of Phoenix.

In 2013, the World Economic Forum (WEF) chose IHPM out of fifteen candidate organizations to take over the global leadership of the WorkPlace Wellness Alliance (WPWA) of multinational companies that it had incubated.

In Russia, IHPM is planning to facilitate the transfer of evidence-based methods of wellness and preventive care for employees in various economy sectors. IHPM is going to establish an R&D center to work on the implementation of field projects at the sites of industrial partner companies, a laboratory center for studying health status in the key areas of prevention of non-communicable diseases, as well as a remote support center for the IT platform at the Moscow International Medical Cluster.

Competence Centers will be established within the R&D center in the following areas: nutrition hygiene and metabolic health, cardio-respiratory health, personalization of fitness and exercise programs, healthy sleep and wellness, and behavioral/mental health. European universities will provide post-graduate education (master's programs and doctoral programs) for the staff of health services and occupational medicine of industrial partner companies. As of now, an agreement of this kind with one of the Netherlands university medical centers is being implemented.

IHPM also intends to develop cooperation with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the "Health 360" program created under the auspices of the Union.

"Major Russian businesses express interest in employee preventive healthcare and behavioral health programs facilitating reduction of economic losses and boosting productivity. However, we know only SUEK to carry out activities in this area in Russia. We hope that IHPM programs will be used not only by vertically integrated Russian companies, but also by municipalities where employees of production facilities of such companies reside – to raise the quality of living and the life expectancy of the population," said Sean Sullivan, Co-Founder, President & CEO, IHPM.

"IHPM is a world-renowned practice-oriented research and education institute with years of expertise in the field of public health protection, and its programs are unrivalled in Russia. I am sure that IHPM can become an important link in the ecosystem of the Moscow International Medical Cluster that involves comprehensive development of medical, educational and research activities and intensive knowledge sharing on a global level," commented Mikhail Yugay, Director General of the International Medical Cluster Foundation.

Best medical practices are used all over the world to improve the quality of health care, and opportunities for the development and implementation of new methods of prevention and treatment of diseases are implemented. This approach is particularly effective when all the necessary infrastructure is concentrated in the same area.

The Moscow International Medical Cluster is a platform where Russian and foreign organizations will not only engage in therapeutic, educational, and research activities, but also cooperate closely to share knowledge. Thus, the cluster will help to bring advanced medical knowledge and technology to Russia.

The cluster was established by the Moscow Government and is being built on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center on the reserved land plots covering the total area of 57 ha.

For reference:

Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) is a non-profit educational enterprise established in the USA in 1997. The mission of IHPM is to promote healthcare and work performance management worldwide. The main objective of IHPM is to build relationships between the working population health, workplace productivity, and company performance. The IHPM includes a Training & Certification Academy for Health and Productivity Management™, WorkPlace Centers™ focused on Metabolic, Behavioral, Respiratory, and Sleep Health and the WorkPlace Wellness Alliance™. The Institute publishes a peer-reviewed "International Journal of Health & Productivity".


The Moscow International Medical Cluster is the largest medical infrastructure project in Russia aimed at developing the national health care ecosystem. MIMC was established and is supervised by the Moscow Government. The cluster is being built on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center on the reserved land plots covering the total area of 57 ha.

In 2017, the International Medical Cluster Foundation launched an international road show to attract foreign medical operators and investors. It is planned that by 2029 the territory of the cluster will house 15 specialized clinics, an educational center, a research center, as well as the infrastructure necessary for the accommodation of patients and health workers.

MIMC operations are regulated by the special Federal law № 160-2015: OECD registered medical activities do not require Russian licenses and approvals within the cluster.



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