French National Authority for Health (HAS) will certify French clinics in the International medical cluster
The International Medical Cluster Foundation and French National Authority for Health (Haute autorité de santé, HAS) have signed an agreement on joint certification of French clinics which are going to participate in the IMC project.

HAS is an independent public body with financial autonomy, whose mission is to bring together under a single roof a number of activities designed to improve the quality of patient care and to guarantee equity within the healthcare system. HAS develops national quality and safety standards, certificates and accredits medical organizations, specialists and laboratories and informs the population about the quality of medical care provided.

Mandatory certification of medical organizations ensures the same health care quality. At the end of 2019 in France, 2,425 out of 2,500 healthcare institutions were certified.
Based on the results of certification, HAS publishes a report indicating one of the five levels received by the clinic: from A – "full compliance with quality and safety standards" to E – "not certified".

IMC is interested in the experience of HAS in developing, collecting and analyzing national indicators of quality and safety care (IQSS). They are approved annually and help identify systemic problems in the industry. All indicators have a clinical, economic and social rationale and are always considered in determining national health policy and strategy. For example, the criteria include the effectiveness of drug use, the IT system, patient satisfaction (interaction with medical staff, food quality), the effectiveness of prevention of hospital-acquired infections, etc.

Anyone can acquaint with the results of the certification on the Scope Santé website and choose the appropriate medical organization. By specifying a region, institution, direction and type of medical care, a person can get all the information presented in graphical form with all weaknesses and strengths of the institution. Such openness motivates medical organizations to continuously improve.

"We highly appreciate the opportunity to cooperate and exchange experience with HAS, which has come a long way in the development of the national quality system of medical activities since 2004. An indicator of their success is a wide network of international partners, including the International society for quality in healthcare (ISQua), the National Institute of health and care excellence (NICE), the Institute for quality and efficiency in healthcare (IQWIG), Health technology assessment international (HTAi), International society for pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research (ISPOR), and now the International medical cluster", said Michael Yugay, CEO of the IMC Foundation. According to him, cooperation with HAS will bring results in the field of quality and safety of medical activities not only for the cluster members, but also for medical institutions throughout Russia.