The first participant of the International medical cluster received thousands of patients during the first year of operation
The first building of the clinic operates as a diagnostic center. Therefore, one of the main fields is early detection of disease. At Hadassah Medical, patients can undergo check-up, including cardiological, oncological, etc., as well as all types of diagnostic procedures, consult with doctors and get second opinion of Israeli specialists.

Today there are about 50 Russian doctors, including 6 specialists with diplomas from OECD countries who are working in Hadassah Medical. Israeli specialists consult patients not only remotely, but also see them on regular short-term (for example, 2-day) appointments in the International medical cluster. During the year of work, 6 leading Israeli doctors have visited Hadassah Medical. In 2019 experts from Hadassah will see patients more often in Skolkovo. Visits are planned by the leading oncohematologist of Israel, head of the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunology in Hadassah Polina Stepensky, head of the Hadassah Medical Organization's Oncology Ambulatory Services Unit Beatrice Uziely, Chairman of the Surgery Departments Alon Pikarsky, head of the pediatric division of Hadassah Eitan Kerem, Director of ultrasound Institute and diagnostics and interventional ultrasound Liat Appelbaum, Director of Institute of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases Lior Katz, and head of hematology center Vladimir Weinstein.

One of the most popular services in Hadassah Medical is second opinion of Israeli doctors: such consultations allow to get more information or hear a differing point of view and identify complex diseases and begin their immediate treatment. For example, a rare cancer was detected in Hadassah Medical recently, it was diagnosed in 2 days, and the patient was promptly sent for treatment. In addition, the high qualification of doctors in the clinic allows to clarify diagnosis, as well as adjust the treatment.

By 2021, Hadassah Medical will open a 25 000-square-meter inpatient center focusing on the treatment of cancer. Furthermore, IMC is designing buildings for The Smart Hospital of the Future Bundang, the ORPEA rehabilitation center, and the University hospital of Strasbourg. Negotiations are also underway with potential participants from Italy, Germany, Spain, and Israel (for example, the French clinic Saint Charles, the German urological clinic München-Planegg, and the Italian sports medicine clinic Villa Stuart). By 2029 the cluster will host more than 10 leading clinics from Israel, South Korea, Spain, Germany, Japan, USA and other OECD-countries. Thanks to that every year up to 300 000 patients will receive qualified medical care using the latest developments in medicine.

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