The International Medical Cluster has joined construction of Coronavirus Center
Over 5 000 people from 35 construction companies are engaged in construction of new coronavirus infection center in Moscow.

IMC builders who were working on the Therapeutic building of Hadassah Medical joined builders of the Center for Infectious Diseases as a part of measures to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

Construction of a treatment unit has begun. According to Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for urban planning and construction, the unit will consist of 12 buildings, including a laboratory and sanitation building. Construction of the intensive care unit will begin soon, and it will include 16 different buildings, such as a complex of 10 intensive care buildings with 250 beds. The total capacity of the new hospital will be 500 beds.

The best construction companies are being mobilized all over Moscow and their professionals, who independently expressed a will to join this project, were involved in the work. The mobilization of resources, the use of new materials, work with the best construction firms will accelerate the construction of the coronavirus infection center.

"In such a difficult and critical time, it is more important than ever to make quick decisions, pool resources, knowledge and experience. During the design and construction of IMC clinics, our builders have studied the international standards of many countries, as well as the experience of building the best foreign clinics. We hope that this experience can help in the rapid construction of an infection center and literally "bury the virus" together. Only together we can win!» said Ildar Khayrullin, General Director of the IMC Foundation.

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