The Moscow International Medical Cluster at the Leadership Summit of the American Hospital Association: a road show in the USA
On 27 – 29 July 2017, the team of the International Medical Cluster Foundation (the IMC Foundation), as a part of its road show to attract health care operators to the cluster, took part in the 25th Annual AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA.

The Summit was held by the largest national health care organization in the USA the American Hospital Association (AHA). The AHA leads, represents and serves hospitals, health systems and other related organizations that are committed to health improvement. The association has sought to serve the needs of communities and health improvement.

In 2017, the AHA Leadership Summit brought together more than 1,000 participants, including more than 450 representatives of US health care organizations and more than 150 representatives of professional associations. Representatives of the public health care system and health insurance companies also participated in the Summit. The key topic of the Summit was "Innovating in a Time of Change". The Summit explored critical issues including strategies for enhancing the value of health care, opportunities for advancing quality, patient safety, and population health, innovative practices applied to delivery system transformation, integrating workforce and strategy, effective leveraging of Health Information Technology (HIT) and data, governance performance, and novel approaches for engaging consumers.

For example, Rishi Manchanda, Public Health Innovator, author of The Upstream Doctors, spoke about instruments and factors necessary for health care practitioners and organizations to make their thinking processes more efficient and to deliver health care of a higher quality. Nicholas Webb, futurist and technology entrepreneur, observed healthcare as a subject of massive disruptive innovation with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical delivery models and literally everything across the entire health care ecosystem. Abraham Verghese, MD, Senior Associate Chair, Stanford University School of Medicine, explained how artificial intelligence can improve the health care quality for the patient. General Peter Pace famous for his unique leadership expertise allowing him to serve as a board member for companies in various sectors, including health care, outlined the way in which hospital leaders can communicate their strategic priorities to their subordinates in a clear and well-considered way and the important role of integrity and the internal moral compass in work. In total, more than 35 opinion leaders spoke at the Summit.

During the AHA Leadership Summit, the IMC Foundation delegation had a number of business meetings with the representatives of the US health care system – leading clinics, medical education organizations and universities. Discussions concerned opportunities for opening branches of US clinics in the Moscow International Medical Cluster, development and implementation of joint educational programs for nurses and doctors.

The visit to the USA is one of the major stages of the road show conducted to attract foreign clinics to the cluster which the IMC Foundation had been carrying out since February 2017. The USA is of interest to the project as there are many operators managing large hospital networks among the US health care organizations. This means that they have a vast experience in simultaneous management of several health care institutions, which is an important factor in terms of the possibility of opening their branches and their efficient management in the Skolkovo Medical Cluster. The healthcare of USA in outstanding for its constant innovation development and new treatment technologies. Furthermore, according to the authoritative non-profit organization HMISS focusing on improvement of health care quality with use of information technology, the USA has the largest number of hospitals with the highest digitalization level (Stage 7 – a paper-free office).

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